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About The Grocery Checkout

My Story

Hi, I'm Healthy Mackenzie. I live in West Hollywood, California where there are a plethora of grocery stores and farmers markets. On my journey of health, I became very interested in the functions of a grocery store. The more I researched, the more I became fascinated with the topic. I eat a vegan diet, so am inevitably drawn to like oriented products, but that is not the sole purpose of The Grocery Checkout.

The Grocery Checkout serves as a space to get an in-depth view of each grocery store I visit. It is meant to provide others with information and thoughtful insights about where they shop for their food. All too often grocery shopping is seen as a chore to be done as quickly as possible. I want to slow down and take the time to think about this vital place where our food comes from.

Explore grocery stores

Research and analyze

Evaluate trends in the market

Share the findings

The Checkout Proses
To find out more, read my 1st blog post
The Checkout Proses
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