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Who, What, Where, When, Why

As an introductory blog, it’s only natural that we should get to know each other. So here we go with the 5 Ws!


Healthy Mackenzie, that’s me! I live in West Hollywood, California. Food and everything surrounding such a broad topic is my passion. Growing up, I attended a vegetarian school (I know crazy right!?) and I remained a vegetarian well into college for a total of 8 years. Then I moved to London and began traveling extensively. During this time I had no limits on my culinary experience and tried everything from insects to tripe. It wasn’t until I moved back the US in 2014 that I began to reevaluate what I was eating. The more research I did, the more I knew that eating a vegan diet was right for me. This shift opened my eyes to the novelties of food and how it is grown, processed, distributed, sold and eaten; not just vegan food but all kinds. Thus, these were the beginning thoughts of The Grocery Checkout.


The Grocery Checkout is a platform to review and analyze grocery stores. It is meant to compare and contrast the products, the shopping experience, and the purpose different grocery stores serve in the community. This is all part of the broad view of how we bring food to the table.


People shop for food all over the world. My focus will be on the Los Angeles area as well as greater California, although my interests know no boundaries. Many people do their grocery shopping at national chain stores, but I’m also interested in what makes local grocery stores unique.


To know the history is to know the larger picture. Food history in America is long and complex. Watershed moments of the 20th century are still relevant to this day and it’s important to know them. Part of The Grocery Checkout research will not only look at the history of food and grocery stores in America but also the history and background stories of where our food comes from today.


We all eat food every day and no matter where you shop, it is important to consume consciously. With so much confusion and controversy surrounding food, clarification matters now more than ever. The Grocery Checkout aims to provide research-based facts because knowledge is power.

…and HOW

The way we shop for food is in constant evolution. There are many ways people do their grocery shopping: web-based food delivery, mobile apps, co-ops, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets to name a few. The Grocery Checkout will research and present factors of how grocery stores keep their customers coming back again and again.

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